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15 Health Benefits of Grapes Juice..!!!

15 Health Benefits of Grapes Juice..!!!

1) Flavonoids found in grape juice raise the level of HDL (good)
cholesterol. This prevents blockage of arteries and the heart remains healthy.

2) Resveratrol found in grape juice prevents the forma...
tion of tumors
in the body. So this prevents cancer. Purple-colored grape juice
prevents breast cancer.

3) By drinking this juice, the levels of nitric oxide is increased in the
body which reduces the formation of clots in blood vessels. This reduces chances of heart attacks.

4) Drinking grape juice daily helps in lowering blood pressure.

5) Grape juice has anti-aging properties and it also helps to
reduce weight.

6) Antioxidants present in grape juicerepair damaged cells and
also prevent them from further damage.

7) Cough and acidity remain away from the person who drinks
grape juice regularly.

8) Taking grape juice in the morning without sugar helpsin curing migraine. It is a good home remedy for migraine.

9) Grape juice cures blood disorders and is a very good purifier of blood. Itflushes out harmful toxins from the body.

10) Grape juice also cures constipation problem as it acts as a good laxative.

11) Red colored grape juice has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. So it saves from different infections.

12) Grape juice has been foundto be very effective in asthma treatment due to its eminent therapeutic value.

13) Antioxidants present in grape juice can help in preventing aging
related problems like Alzheimer’s disease.

14) The purple grape juice helps in fighting atherosclerosis .

15) Antioxidants present in grape juice boost the immune system.

Top Ten Benefits Of Pomegranate

  1. Health Benefits of Pomegranate/ Pomegranate Juice: The Top Ten

    1. Antioxidants – These help to wrangle the hoards of free radicals in your system. Free radicals have an uneven number of electrons and like to balance themselves out by steal...
    ing from other molecules and cells in your body. These cells are oftentimes very important ones dealing with your DNA, and when they are destroyed, disease steps in. Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of antioxidants that work to help you stay disease-free.

    2. Blood Thinner – Pomegranate juice helps your blood circulation, making it easier for blood to travel to your heart, brain, and the rest of your body.

    3. Cancer Fighter – Pomegranate has been known to reduce and prohibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors in your body.

    4. Digestion Aide – Pomegranate juice is a natural remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, and great number of other digestive problems.

    5. Anemia Relief – With a high content of iron, pomegranate juice is a great home cure for anemia because it promotes higher levels of hemoglobin.

    6. Anti-Inflammatory – Pomegranate juice has properties that help treat sufferers of arthritis. It can also help cure a cough or sore throat.

    7. Neonatal Care – It has been proven that pomegranate juice ingested by pregnant women can help protect the neonatal brain.

    8. Artery Protection – It helps keep plaque from building up in your arteries.

    9. Cartilage Protection – It works to prevent the deterioration of cartilage in your body.

    10. Cholesterol Reducer – Pomegranate juice is capable of lowering blood pressure by as much as 6% in daily drinkers

Ginger Benefits

Expelling Small Sized Kidney Stones without Surgeries

Tips for Expelling Small Sized Kidney Stones without Surgeries

The Kidneys can be Strengthened by Juice of Basil Leaves(Tulsi Leaves). A mixture of Basil juice and Honey, 1 Teaspoon each, can treat Kidney Stones in a matter of 6 Months if taken Daily. This
Mixture can help EXPEL THE STONES from the Urinary Tract

Tips for Blood Pressure Control

Blood Pressure Control::--->>>

Given below is the Tips for Blood Pressure Control :

Tip 1: Your diet should be according to plan like variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tip 2: If you are overweight then you must lose weight. Evaluate your BMI.

Tip 3: Salty food should be avoided.

Tip 4: Regularly exercise for half an hour.

Tip 5: Avoid or minimize alcohol.

Tip 6: Relax through yoga, dance, meditation, music etc.

Tip 7: Reduce sodium and improve the potassium to sodium ratio.

Tip 8: Increase intake of vitamin C and vitamin D.

Tip 9: Take fish oil supplements.

Tip 10: Reduce stress.

Health Benefits of Tulsi

Health Benefits of Tulsi::--->>>

Tulsi is undoubtedly the best medicinal herb ever known. It has endless miraculous and medicinal values and is being worshipped in India since thousands of years.

Tulsi is considered to be an adaptive, bal...
ancing different processes in the body, and helpful for adapting to stress. Tulsi protects from nearly all sorts of infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Marked by its strong aroma and astringent taste, it is regarded in ayurveda as a kind of elixir of life and believed to promote longevity.

The health benefits of Tulsi are as follows:

Respiratory problems

Holy Basil is very effective in treating cold and its related disorders. It is a boon for respiratory tract disorders. It helps in treating all the disorders that are related to our throat

Heart Diseases

Tulsi contains vitamin C and other anti oxidants, which protect the heart from harmful effects of free radicals.


Vitamin C and other anti oxidants in Tulsi, apart from repairing damages done by the free radicals, can minimize the stress induced by these oxidants. They soothe nerves, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and thus reduce stress.


Tulsi is very helpful in relieving headaches and body pain. It has certain properties that helps in releasing spasm in the muscles hence is extremely helpful in relaxing the body.

Anti Ageing

Vitamin-C, A, Phytonutrients and the essential oils in it are excellent anti oxidants and protects the body from nearly all the damages caused by the free radicals. In traditional Indian medicine system called Ayurveda, it is considered as a tonic to retain youth and avoid aging.

Healing Power

The tulsi plant has many medicinal properties. The leaves are a nerve tonic and also sharpen memory. They promote the removal of the catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tube. The leaves strengthen the stomach and induce copious perspiration. The seed of the plant are mucilaginous

Benefits of Beets

Remedy For Dark Eye Circles

Benefits Of Strawberries

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Side Effects Of Soda

Super Fruits

Skin Care

Skin Care Naturally:---

Healthy skin is an important part of natural beauty. So it is necessary to clean the skin every time. Below are some secrets to achieve a naturally good skin.

Diet plays an important role in maintaining the skin.
In our diet vitamins, proteins and minerals are essential.
For oily skin take Lemon juice in a bowl of iced water. Spray this on the face, massage for 5-10 minutes and then wash by water. The skin will become normal and fresh.
For dry & rough skin take Egg’s yellow part and mix in few spoon Lime ( Chuna ) and Olive ( Jaitun ) oil. Spray on the face 10-15 mini. Wash by cold water.

Natural Tips for Skin

Mix up equal quantities of Cucumber ( Kakdi ) juice and Rose Water. Firstly wash the face and apply it in night. Wash in the morning.
Take 100 ml. of Tomato Juice and mix with two spoon of Lemon juice. Massage this on to the face. It helps to build the skin soft and glowing.
Massage Orange juice on the face and make smooth and soft skin.
Prepare the paste of Carrots (Gajar) and massage it on the face. Wash it after 45 min. The skin will become shining.

Honey Cure:

Mix two spoon of honey with the white Egg and think Potato (Aloo). Apply it on face. Wash it after 40 min with cold water and see brightness. Honey’s natural properties help to protect the skin from the damage of the sun’s rays, supports the skin’s capability to new and refresh.

Source: GreenYatra

Home Remedies For Dandruff

Home Remedies For Dandruff::---->>>

Dandruff is a natural condition in which the dry scalp begins to flake. Dry scalp are common in winter. The flakes of the dead scalp skin are usually seen on the face, shoulders, and the forehead of a person. While extreme dryness or oiliness in the head is the main causes for dandruff, the condition could have also been caused by bacteria. Types of Dandruff

There are two types of dandruff-

Waxy dandruff occurs the epidermis scales which is mixed with the sebum that stick to the scalp in the form of patches.
Dry dandruff is small white flakes of scalp which falls or may get attached to the skin of head.
Home Remedies for Dandruff

Home Remedy 1- Massage the scalp with mixture of almond and olive oil for five minutes, leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off to get the dandruff free hairs.

Home Remedy 2- Soak a handful of fenugreek or methi seeds in some water overnight. Next day, grind the seeds to a paste. Apply this on your scalp and leave to rest for a couple of hours. Rinse your hair with shikakai or ritha.

Home Remedy 3- Yogurt reduces the intensity of scaling. Mix 2 teaspoon of black pepper powder in a cup of curd and blend it thoroughly. Then rub this mixture into dandruff affected scalp and after an hour, wash it with a mild shampoo.

Home Remedy 4-You can get rid of dandruff with the consistence use of olive oil. Olive oil is natural clarifying and moisturizing agent. It is one of the most admired home remedies for dandruff. A lukewarm oil treatment of olive oil can help you to treat your dandruff. Don’t make the olive oil too hot. Apply the olive oil to the problem scalp in circular motions before going to bed. Wash out your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning.

Home Remedy 5- Mix 6 spoonfuls water, a spoonful of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of salt and two spoonfuls of pure vinegar. Apply on the scalp with cotton wool. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Continue this for three months.

Home Remedy 6- Most important is to take balanced diet on a regular basis that should include vegetables, grams, cereals, fruits, etc. Drink lots of water during the day.

Source: GreenYatra

Benefits of Exercise for Bones

Benefits of Exercise for Bones::----->>>

Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and can improve your mood and help you to better manage stress.

Regular exercise also helps increase balance and coordination and reduces the risk of falls and subsequent fractures. Posture exercises can help prevent or reduce the slumping posture often associated with osteoporosis.

Exercise is critical for strong muscles and bones. Muscle strength declines as people age, but when people exercise they are stronger and leaner than others in their age group. Exercise also helps kids lower their risk of chronic pain in the future.

Exercise has been shown to increase bone strength, as measured by bone mineral density (BMD), in people of all age groups. The degree to which bone strength improves, however, is dependent on a variety of factors, including age, reproductive hormone status, nutritional status, and the nature of the exercise.

Benefits of regular exercise:

slows the loss of muscle mass
strengthens bones
reduces joint and muscle pain
relieves joint stiffness
improves mobility and balance
Be Careful:-

If you have a health condition or are new to exercise, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Even if you start exercising late in life, you can still build strong, healthy bones, which are essential for avoiding injury and in preventing osteoporosis. It is never too late to start exercising to strengthen your bones, because even late in life bone density has been shown to be increased by weight-bearing exercises. Osteoporosis is caused through low bone mass, which makes bones brittle and easy to fracture.

Source: GreenYatra

Carrot Ginger Juice Benefits

Carrot Ginger Juice Benefits:--

Carrot and Ginger juice one of the effective nutriment. Carrot juice contains vitamin A, B, E and many minerals. The health benefits of drinking carrot juice are eyesight, teeth, liver, skin, bones, hair and helping in prevention of cancer.

Carrot juice is reducing the risks of skin and breast cancer because it contains vitamin A. That helps to eliminate cancer causing radicals in the body.

Drinking carrot juice will be beneficial for the liver due to Vitamin A cleansing effects.

Ginger is very useful for treatment of many disorders. Ginger can be use in cold- cough, aphrodisiac effect, digestive disorder, tiredness, impotency, menstruation disorders.


2 Fresh Carrot

2-3 Little Ginger piece

1/2 Teaspoon of Salt

1/2 Teaspoon Honey

1 Teaspoons Sugar


Firstly wash the Carrot and Ginger in clean water and cut them into small pieces. Add this piece into the juicer and also mix Salt, Honey, Sugar as above given quantity and grind it. Finally serve the Carrot and Ginger juice with one little piece of Ice.

How much carrot juice should drink?

One glass of fresh Carrot and Ginger juice drink each day. It improves your health and helping in prevention of many diseases.

If you have diabetes, you need to contact your physician regarding carrot juice intake because carrots contain potassium which can be harmful.

Sorce: GreenYatra